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Ignite your purpose with intention.

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Through her empathetic storytelling and witty humor Katie moves people from feeling stuck and unmotivated to inspired and empowered. Her time working for The Walt Disney Company equipped her with the acute awareness of the need for intentional people strategies and the value that comes from time for creative exploration. 

Katie’s clients learn how to put big visions into impactful action, while maintaining a focus on interpersonal relationships, empathetic awareness, and community impact. Her passion is your opportunity as she empowers organizational success through imagination, innovation, and a whole lot of fun.

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Katie Currens Leading Virtual Training


Katie is a highly sought after speaker that provides engaging, action-oriented, and high-energy keynotes that encourage attendees to:

Be Bold
    Think Differently about perceived failure, risk, opportunity, and encounters.

Be Curious
    Challenge your thinking around existing systems to inspire innovating ideas, big picture visions, and backward design models of implementation.

Be Intentional
    Empower purpose through creative, inclusive, and aligned actions.

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It’s Elementary

The ABC's of Purpose

It’s been over a decade since I taught kindergarten, yet when I speak with leaders about the value of purpose I again find myself teaching the A-B-Cs. {and somehow even managed to fit in a quote from Office Space}.

When you think about your organization, where do you excel with intentional ABCs? Where are opportunities for growth? How could you {re}ignite that spark in your people?

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Days surrounded by family. Time to go through boxes full of memories. Afternoons of transitioning holiday decor. Evenings in fits of laughter as we show our competitiveness through strategy games and rounds of Mario Kart. 

♦ Gratitude came alive in moments of peace {even when the peace was anything but quiet}. 

♦ Gratitude is abundant as we safely gathered with people we haven't been able to embrace in over a year. 

♦ Gratitude filled our hearts as we watched a new generation of kids make holiday memories, as we now understand why our parents would let us stay up so late when holiday gatherings would go well into the night. 

These days are irreplaceable and if there is one thing we have come to value, it is our time together. Last year, like many, we enjoyed the holiday at our own home. The festive chaos was quite calm due to the needs to keep ourselves and loved ones safe from the flurry of unknowns. 

This year we were able to get together again and it didn't go without noticing that while the feast was similar, the festivities were changed. 

♦ We were broken into smaller clusters of families. Not the big hoopla with all the aunts and uncles and cousins somehow under one roof. Yet we still called, messaged, and had video chats thanks to technology.  

♦ There was a moment of pause when we realized no one had a newspaper so everyone could tear apart the ads and the kids could make ridiculously extensive wish lists. There was no chatter about who was heading to the stores for midnight or 5am deals. Instead, we gave the kids clothing sizes, agreed to focus on gifting experiences versus more "things", and got back to games and lively conversation. We got back to what makes us feel connected. 

The times have changed. 

Traditions have shifted. 

And while I certainly still miss the massive family gatherings, my heart is filled with so much gratitude for the stillness we have come to embrace. I hope you have also found the time to be still and find gratitude for the moments that surround you. 

Stay grateful. Stay well. 

Katie, her daughter, and her dog

What is it like to be a woman entrepreneur?
I’m assuming not much different than a man entrepreneur.

But in all seriousness , what is entrepreneurship to me?

It’s about finding your sparkle, one day at a time.

It’s about Connecting, Creating, and Celebrating.

It’s about helping others tap back into their creative mind to solve problems the world has come to accept as the norm or too broken to fix.

It’s about bringing the world exactly what you know it needs. And kicking ass at it. 

Life has never appeared linear to me. It’s a universe of endless possibilities that most don’t tap into. Sitting in stillness is a blessing and a curse. There is a lack of quiet and calm in my mind, a flood of ideas. And in that comes amazing innovation; and sometimes just taking action on what others spend more time talking about. 

To me it’s a way of exploring the world and adapting while I take it all in, much like a chameleon. Then comes an awareness and a need to move forward and explore more. To some it seems “flighty”. To me it has created a worldview that’s been the incredible catalyst for my business.

Being called a natural is terrifying. While I am not ignorant to the compliment it’s intended as, to me it means conformity. That I fit into a box. And to a creative that feels suffocating. I’m not truly succeeding if I’m not feeling occasional discomfort or challenging my assumptions. That is what helps us grow. 

I want challenges. I want to fail. I want to learn more. {and thank goodness I’ve figured out how to do it without any more student loans}.

I’ve been called a dreamer. Heard that my ideas are impossible. Been told that I don’t get it. And I just politely smile. Take a step forward. And turn that dream into a reality while showing that I do in fact “get it”, just in a way many minds are too closed to conceptualize. 

People sometimes tell me how they wish they could be more like me, taking chances. My 14 year old self probably would have loved to realize the value others saw in me. Yet now, I hear that and like to stare awkwardly at people letting them know how much of them I aspire to be.

The only thing that may seem different about me is that I am an adult that has never stopped asking “why”. I’ve become far less afraid to take a leap. After going down a few damn hard roads in life you realize the biggest blessing and pathway to success is existing in a childlike wonder.

To all the women in business, mothers, and entrepreneurs; to the visionaries, dreamers, and doers, that paved the way, thank you.

To my daughter, may you find the value of your voice far before I did. 

All it takes is One Spark. 

#womensentrepreneurshipday #womeninbusiness #familyvalues #staycurious

man dressed in food critic costume

People often talk about the Disney Difference, but until you experience it, it may sound like a bunch of "princess and fairy tale nonsense" {as a friend once quipped}. Moments like our recent one sailing with Disney Cruise Line are what more organizations of all sizes need to realize cost nothing {yes, correct, $0}, yet mean absolutely everything. It's been a long week and a little levity can serve us all well, so what better time to reflect on this moment.

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